Presidential Commission on Countering Hate and Building Community

A very crowded view of students on Locust Walk

Listen and Understand

Engage broadly and deeply to better understand how Penn students, staff, and faculty experience hate and discrimination and how they believe Penn can move toward being a broadly inclusive community.  

Consider What it Means to be a Penn Citizen

Examine what it means to be a responsible and engaged Penn Citizen and recommend strategies for how to foster such behaviors and norms.  

Recommend Strategies to Build and Strengthen Community

Recommend strategies for how to strengthen Penn’s sense of community through education and engagement.  

Recommend Strategies to Address and Counter Hate

Recommend strategies for how to support Penn community members who have been impacted by hate and how best to counter hate on campus.  

In forming these recommendations, the Presidential Commission will consult with campus leaders and local, regional, and national subject matter experts. The Presidential Commission will also be expected to serve as a resource for other campus leaders, including those who are advancing key tenets of Penn’s Action Plan to Combat Antisemitism

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“We convened the Presidential Commission to take the lead on bringing our broad Penn community together to undergo the essential, healing work that this moment requires. Hate has no home here, and we are committed to rooting it out in all its forms.”

Interim President J. Larry Jameson