Address & Speeches

Interim President J. Larry Jameson’s Remarks for the University of Pennsylvania's 268th Commencement ceremony

May 20, 2024
Don’t just strike while the iron is hot. Heat the iron by striking it.

Interim President J. Larry Jameson's Prepared Remarks for the March 1, 2024 Stated Meeting of Penn’s Board of Trustees

Mar. 01, 2024
Our Remarkable University is Strong.


University Messages

Temporary Standards and Procedures for Campus Events and Demonstrations

June 06, 2024
Today, we write to share two important updates about Penn’s policies and procedures for when, where, and how open expression can take place. Throughout the academic year, members of the Penn community have urged University leadership to clarify and update our guidance and policies specific to campus events and demonstrations.

Update on the work of the Antisemitism Task Force and Presidential Commission

May 30, 2024
Interim President J. Larry Jameson shares the final reports from the University Task Force on Antisemitism and the Presidential Commission on Countering Hate and Building Community.

A Message on Ending the Encampment

May 10, 2024
Interim President J. Larry Jameson, Provost John L. Jackson, Jr., and Senior Executive Vice President Craig R. Carnaroli update how Penn Police took action, with support from local law enforcement, to remove the encampment from College Green.

Encampment Update

May 6, 2024
As university campuses around the world face protests of increasing intensity, Interim President J. Larry Jameson shares an update on the encampment and demonstrations at Penn and his continued focus on safety and advancing the University’s missions.

An update to the Penn community

Apr. 26, 2024
At Penn, we pursue our academic mission guided by fundamental commitments to upholding freedom of inquiry and open expression, while maintaining a safe, inclusive, and respectful campus community.

A message from Interim President J. Larry Jameson

Apr. 26, 2024
Late yesterday afternoon, a group of individuals led a series of protests that began at Temple University and traveled to Philadelphia City Hall and to Drexel University. At approximately 4:00 p.m., these protestors arrived on Locust Walk, joining with members of our Penn community.

A message to the Penn Community

Apr. 25, 2024
At the beginning of this semester, we convened a Muslim, Arab, Palestinian (MAP) student advisory group to seek input on ways Penn can foster a more inclusive and supportive campus environment.

A message to the Penn Community

Apr. 22, 2024
Like you, I am witnessing the turbulence and strife taking place on several university campuses across the country.

Statement on political cartoons from J. Larry Jameson, Interim President, University of Pennsylvania

Feb. 04, 2024
There are times when leaders should weigh in on the values and principles that guide and define an institution. Recent political cartoons make this one of them.

New Year Message: Hearing, Healing, Honoring One Another

January 17, 2024
Welcome to a new semester and a new year at Penn!  As I begin my role as Interim President, people within our University and beyond are sharing with me their deep affection for Penn. They believe in Penn’s extraordinary work and our boundless potential.  I believe in Penn, too. Over the years, I have witnessed what we can do to make the world a better place.

Statement on the passing of Claire M. Fagin

January 16, 2024
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of Dr. Claire M. Fagin, former interim president of the University of Pennsylvania and former dean of the School of Nursing.



A Message from Interim President J. Larry Jameson

December 12, 2023
I am honored that the Board of Trustees has asked me to serve as Penn’s Interim President. I accept this responsibility clear-eyed about the challenges facing our University. Like you, I love Penn. I have dedicated many years of my life to this amazing institution. I have been honored to serve as Executive Vice President of our health system and dean of the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine for more than 12 years.

A Message on Penn Medicine’s Ongoing Response to Antisemitism and Other Forms of Hate

December 07, 2023
Dear Penn Medicine Community, The events of the last several months have been among the most difficult in recent memory. Across our community, people are grappling with intense, heightened emotions as we witness painful words and activities that threaten, harass, and intimidate individuals among our colleagues, patients, families, and friends. Like you, we are alarmed and devastated each time we hear about an incident of antisemitism, Islamophobia, or hate in any form. The fear and traumatic effects are acute but can also be long-lasting.