May 14, 2024

The Breakthroughs and Discoveries Panel takes place at the end of the two-day Scientific Symposium hosted by Penn Medicine’s Basser Center for BRCA. This year’s panel was moderated by journalist Jill Werman Harris. It featured Basser Center Executive Director Susan M. Domchek, MD, along with panelists Kenneth Offit, MD, MPH (Memorial Sloan Kettering), Clare Turnbull, MD, PhD (Institute of Cancer Research, London), and H. Gilbert Welch, MD (Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Surgery and Public Health). The lay-friendly discussion focused on advancements in BRCA research and care.

Immediately following the panel, Basser hosted a reception and dinner featuring Basser Center leadership and supporters and symposium speakers. Interim President J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD celebrated Mindy & Jon Gray in honor of the 1-year anniversary of their transformative $55M gift establishing the Basser Cancer Interception Institute. Interim Dean Jonathan A. Epstein, MD, and UPHS CEO Kevin B. Mahoney also gave remarks celebrating Basser’s progress as it seeks to intercept and end BRCA-related cancers.

See also Penn President Flickr gallery.

Photographs by Eric Sucar.